Welcome to the Comic Art Collective, a gallery for fans to view and buy original art directly from their favorite alternative comix artists.

Doug Allen

Rick Altergott

Peter Bagge

Marc Bell

Mark Beyer

Jim Blanchard

Daniel Clowes

Martin Cendreda

Al Columbia

Dave Cooper

Colleen Coover

Jordan Crane

Dame Darcy

Kim Deitch

Jeremy Eaton

Bob Fingerman

Mary Fleener

Robert Goodin

Justin Green

Sammy Harkham

Dean Haspiel

David Heatley

Sam Henderson

Jaime Hernandez

Paul Hornschemeier

Molly Kiely

M. Kupperman


Tony Millionaire

Pat Moriarity

Tony Mostrom

Eric Reynolds

Ron Regé, Jr.

Jeff Roysdon

Johnny Ryan

Richard Sala

Kevin Scalzo

Pete Sickman-Garner

Bob Staake

Ted Stearn

Adrian Tomine

Steven Weissman

J.R. Williams

Kurt Wolfgang

Jim Woodring

Dennis Worden


Justin Green

100% of the money you spend at the Collective goes directly to the artist.

Comic Art Collective

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