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"Cat Burglar Black - page 12" is copyright ©2008 by Richard Sala.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Cat Burglar Black - page 12
by Richard Sala

9"x12" - Watercolor and Ink on watercolor paper. Recently returned to me from a show at the Cartoon Art Museum where it has been since late 2009. It is neatly signed on the left side. Note: Because this page was done early in the creation of art for the book, it is different in a couple of ways from other pages of CBB original art. First, the margins on two sides - the right side and the bottom - are cut close to the art (see scan). This was done to help me accurately scan them on a small scanner -- and though it doesn't affect the art at all, this may bother some people. Also, this is one of the handful of pages from the book that I actually hand-lettered before switching to a font made from my hand-lettering. In other words, most of the other pages of art you will see are not hand-lettered and usually don't have any lettering at all, just empty word balloons. If you have any questions feel free to email me at


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