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"ART SABOTAGE disc!" is copyright ©2008 by J.R. Williams.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

by J.R. Williams

Once upon a time a bunch of lowlife alternative/underground comics artists (you know the type) collectively identified as "Sin Alley" began altering innocuous little cartoon booklets, transforming them into twisted masterpieces of filth, perversion, and all manner of human depravity...jolly good fun! The end results were published in extremely limited print runs. Copies of these hilariously foul little tracts are rare as hen's teeth...but now you can own them as digital files on CD-R! Included on this disc are complete scans of YOUNG F*CKERS (64 pgs.), "HOT NUTS" IS NOT A DISEASE (64 pgs.), THE LITTLE PECKER (68 pgs.), and the MURK FAIL: TAKE A RIDE ON AMERICA coloring book (28 pgs.)...over 200 pages of adults-only merriment! View privately on your personal computer, or even load the files into your machine's screen saver...practically guaranteed to get you fired if your boss catches you looking at this vile trash while you're supposed to be working! Comes in a protective envelope, as shown (lessens the risk of contracting STDs, ha-ha!) Orders must include the following statement: "Yes, I am over the age of 18 and do not object to viewing potentially offensive material." Price includes (domestic) shipping.


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