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"Rev-Ola: Incredibly Strange Music" is copyright ©2008 by Eric Reynolds.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Rev-Ola: Incredibly Strange Music
by Eric Reynolds

An illustration for an article about the UK's Rev-Ola imprint of Cherry Red Records (I think that's what it is). Rev-Ola is releasing WFMU-style strange, unclassifiable music like the Shaggs, Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner's tragic turns as crooners, the Millennium, Curt Boettcher, Robert Mitchum's calypso record, Maya Angelou's creepy "Miss Calypso," LesBaxter, etc.... The image measures about 6" x 7.5" and is drawn on approx. 8" x 9.5" illustration board in pen & ink. The illustration is for the UK music magazine, CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES. There's a lotta detail in this one, and you can try to decipher the references and their oh-so-deep meanings. Oh, yes.


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