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"The Bloody Cardinal - Art for back cover" is copyright ©2008 by Richard Sala.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

The Bloody Cardinal - Art for back cover
by Richard Sala

Watercolor and ink on 9" x 12" (approximately) watercolor paper. This is a group portrait of characters from the book The Bloody Cardinal and will appear on the back cover of the book (to be published Fall 2017). Actual final back cover will be larger with text and have a knife sticking into this portrait. Art will be neatly signed on bottom right. Note- image on paper has some empty space on the right as the scan shows, and the left corner of the art goes right up to the edge of the paper, but the art could be easily matted to display just the portrait. I'll also fill in the green on the left upper corner with matching paint.


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