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"Zero Zero Poster ORIG. ART" is copyright ©2008 by Richard Sala.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Zero Zero Poster ORIG. ART
by Richard Sala

This is the original line art for the "Zero Zero" silkscreen poster (an image of which can be seen among my sold art). Ink on 11"x14" bristol. Unlike most of my art for sale here, this piece contains a large area of white-out. It smoothly covers the figure's legs. The lines of her fishnet stockings are inked over it. It's integrated into the art and therefore (in my humble opinion) doesn't detract from the piece at all, but I like to be upfront about these things. The white-out I've used over the years has never chipped or cracked, so I don't expect that to happen with this drawing either.


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