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"Doctor Sax - Signed Book" is copyright ©2008 by Richard Sala.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Doctor Sax - Signed Book
by Richard Sala

I have a few of these available. It's a "multi-media" set containing two CDs along with a paperback script with 74 illustrations by me. The marketing of this set spotlighted the audio - a reading as a "radio play" - but the real treasure is Kerouac's incredible, richly imaginative screenplay, filled genre characters from his childhood, such as vampires, evil wizards and the Shadow-like Dr. Sax. I have a few brand-new copies. I will be happy to sign the script. If you would like it personalized, just specify that in comment section when you make your purchase. (The heirs of Kerouac who published this, purchased all of the art from me back when it was done, so I don't have any of that, if you are curious. Sorry!).


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